I am a Brazilian creative with a background in design and art direction. Currently based in São Paulo and working at AlmapBBDO — recognized as the most creative agency of the decade by the Cannes Lions Festival.
        I had the opportunity to work with a wide range of global clients. From non-profit institutions, like National Geographic, to major brands such as Jeep, Uber, Whatsapp From Facebook, Boehringer Ingelheim, Havaianas Alpargatas, Mars, AB InBev, Nestlé, Powerade, Whirpool and many more.
        My work has been recognized by some of the most important advertising awards, such as Cannes, The One Show, Clio, El Ojo, London Festival and more. And in 2019, I had the honor of being selected to be part of the Brazilian delegation that went to Cannes to compete in the Young Lions Competition. 


Art Direction
Graphic Design

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National Geographic - 2017_18
FCB Brasil - 2013_17
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Accenture Interactive  - 2011_13
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of Truth

In partnership with Media Monkeys, we created a microphone that detects lies for the launch of the National Geographic TV investigative program EXPLORER INVESTIGATION. The greatest icon of journalism is now capable of turning fake news into just news.

The Microphone of Truth was built based on Voice Stress Analysis technology. We, humans, speak on a certain frequency that floats when we are answering stress-related questions, so the mic captures this deviation to discover if someone is trying to be deceptive. With the sypport of a heart rate monitor, both data are crossed in real time on our software, and the results is shown on the microphone: turning green for truth or red for a lie.


Art Direction
Launch Strategy

⟶ The Microphone of Truth was built based on Voice Stress Analysis technology and the mechanics of the microphone are simple: green for truth. red for inaccurate.

⟶ In partnership with Media Monkeys, we created a backend interface to display the data that was received by the microphone during the interviews.

⟶ For the launch of the product, we chose transcribed interviews of controversial politicians and created posters based on inaccurate or untrue information. The black spaces in the play symbolize speaking imprecise in the interview.

⟶ And to create a counterpoint, we selected public people notoriously known for speaking the truth, like the Dalai Lama.

⟶ On the project website it was possible to select interviews with politicians and interactive graphics were generated. For each inaccurate speech it was possible to click and go to a story that explained what was said.

⟶ And to generate awareness for the cause, we sent letters to Brazilian politicians inviting them to be interviewed with the microphone. Nobody accepted. Of course.

⟶ The microphone was launched and tested at the biggest technology fair in Brazil: Campus Party.