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Getty Images has millions of images in its archives. But there are some photos it doesn't have: of animals that went extinct before they could be photographed. 

So, we reconstructed three extinct species that were never photographed, using photos of animals that are in danger of extinction right now. A warning to people that many more species across the planet may disappear, too.

My role: Art Director, UX Designer

Agency: Almap/BBDO
ECD: Marcelo Nogueira
Copywriter: Bruno Bizuti
Art Director: Victor Yves

On the official project website, we created an interactive experience to tell the stories of the animals we reconstructed. There, users can get a 360º view of them, learn what happened to them, and, of course, explore each of the photos and videos we used in the process.

Ami Vitale, famous wildlife and conservation photographer, embarked on a journey to take the first picture of an extinct animal in its natural habitat.

The iconic cover of National Geographic with a photo by Ami Vitale of the last northern white rhino.

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